Upcoming Rides

Yuha Desert Ride Against Cancer

Upcoming Rides | February 2, 2019

Ride Against Cancer!  Come to Imperial Valley in February for a ride through picturesque farm countryside and the vast open desert.  Imperial Valley produces 80% of our nation's winter vegetables and enough lettuce to serve a salad to one third of the world's people. 

You'll ride alongside fields during the harvest and alongside new photovoltaic "farms".   Then you head west into the picturesque Yuha Desert along the Mexican border.  Enjoy the undulating rise and wide open vistas of our pristine countryside. 

Proceeds go to the the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert and the IV Velo Club Bike Refurbishing and Giveaway Program. 

The Cancer Resource Center of the Desert is the first line in patient support for those facing the fear and uncertainty about how to navigate our health care system for treatment of cancer.  We are proud to have donated over $40,000 to help this vital organization.

IV Velo Club includes cancer survivors Gary Glud, Bob Duncan, Brian McNeece, Jennifer Nixon, and Vicky Sedano.